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So the big idea

In a nutshell the aim of our challenge is to drive to every football league ground in the UK. All 92 of them. Our second aim is to do it in under 92 hours. Our third aim is to raise as much money for my son's football club, Harvesters. It is as simple as that.

Harvesters is a Hertfordshire based club which provides football for over 400 boys and girls, including the Harvesters Inclusive disabilities section. It is a great local club, that would benefit from a bit of extra cash. You can view their site by click here

Within this site you will find out more about the team, the planned route we are going to take, the sponsors who are going to help make it a reality and of course a way in which you can donate. If you can help in anyway, please do. This is about giving money to grassroots football.

We leave Watford FC at 9.00am on the 27th April

And fingers crossed we will get to Brighton for their game against Huddersfield at 3pm on the 30th.

Any questions, then please feel free to contact me

Matt Bigg

07768 472 365

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