Day 4

So as we left Torquay, we knew we has some driving to do. Along the south coast, back to London and then the final journey to Brighton. And waiting at Brighton we had the added incentive of getting there for the final game of the season, which also happened to be the final game at their stadium, Withdean before moving to their new ground. But more about that game later.

So we had a good 12 / 14 hours ahead of us and some miles to do. We hit the south coast quickly and with ease. It was time go rocket into London and see what was what. The plan to leave London last and in the middle of the night paid off. Hardly any cars or traffic. Just a few people strolling home from the bright lights of the city having missed the last tube. We got through clubs very very quickly and the number came tumbling down. Soon we were in the late eighties and saw light at the end of the Blackwell tunnel.

One thing to point out at this point is how welcoming the football community is. You forget that their is more to football that the top four and Wayne Rooney. People who we met, were friendly, chatty and just brilliant. It is this was everywhere. It actually made me fall in love with the game again and I now have my eye on about 20 teams come final score on a Saturday.

However on the early hours of Saturday morning we turned up at Stamford Bridge, home of Chelsea FC. This club and only this club did not let us take a photo outside the ground. It was 3am. No one was around. No one. It was crazy. Even writing this now, is just seems madness. I posted this on twitter and got a massive response. Clubs had opened their doors, gave us gifts, free tickets to games. Chelsea wouldn't let us even take a photo.

However, 91 decent clubs and 1 that just let themselves down.

Apart from that London was great fun. Had a great cup of tea at Millwall, away fans at Palace were brilliant and even the bouncers at Rudolf's were good fun. For you non Spurs fans, Rudolf's is a nightclub next to the ground.

As the sun came up over the Olympic park, things were looking good and we finished the last couple of clubs and hit the road south. Brighton, we were coming to get you.

I will cut a long story short, but we made it to Brighton 75 hours after leaving Watford. We had done over 2500 miles and met some amazing people along the way. As we drove into the Withdean, The feeling was amazing. We took some photos, made some calls and chatted to staff. We had done it, but more importantly we had raised some money and had an amazing trip. Really amazing.

The final game, although Brighton lost was brilliant. A great game. Some amazing characters in the crowd. Dave and his sidekick stood out for me.
It was party atmosphere. And even though we only had 10 hours sleep since Wednesday morning, we were on a high. The game had everything. It was a great way to finish our trip. So happy we had chosen this as our 92 ground.

Now it was time for a rewarding beer.

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Day 3

So, someone got married and the roads were quiet. In a nutshell, that was the main theme of the day. However we travelled a fair bit of ground, which took us from the Midlands, to Oxford, to Cheltenham, to Wales, down to Plymouth and then back to Torquay. We decided that if we made up enough time, then we would aim to get to watch the Torquay v Chesterfield. Originally we had planned to get there at 8pm however we motored and made it to the game for 5pm. Tickets sorted away we go. I come back to the game later, but what else happened today.

Some very kind relations of Spanish Simon turned up at Reading with some pies, saw what looked like another riot at Bristol and stopped for a shower in Cardiff. Might not seem like a highlight, but trust me it was.

Still no beers touched, but might be getting into double figures for sleep hours now.

I beat Kris at Scrabble, easily.

Saw a man who quite clearly had toilet issues or had been to the mix grill restaurant.

We saw a man eat boast bars consistently for 45 mins. He had no teeth.

Now back to the Torquay game. They have a ticketing system that resembles a 2 year olds bedroom. A bloody shambles. However, let's not add a negative to this. We met deano, we got tickets. Still not sure if we even paid for them. The atmosphere was great, the biggest crowd of the season and both teams needed a win. 0-0 was the result. Of course it was.

Back on the road again.

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Day 2

As we left Yorkshire in the early hours to the sight of a drunk man stumbling along the street in a t-shirt. (It was 3 degrees) we headed north. Or to give it is full name, the north east. Hartlepool at dawn was followed by Sunderland and Newcastle. All great footballing towns and cities with some great stadiums. St James Park really is an amazing sight and it is on my list to return to watch a game here. Also, there seems to be a Greggs on every corner in Newcastle. As we left the north east we realised we had clocked 30 clubs so far. Not bad effort for the first 24 hours.

From the North East we head West and over to Cumbria. As the sun came up, this was the best hours' drive so far. Amazing road and views. People were grabbing sleep when they could and we kept going. We hit the seaside towns of Morecambe and Blackpool with a trip to the worse cafe in the world. Sorry Rita, but winning best cafe in Morecambe 2007 does not make your food good today!

And then the clubs came thick and fast. Burnley, Accrington (exactly) Blackburn and Rochdale.

Also at this came the sad news our afternoon radio appearance on Jack FM was cancelled. There excuse, was that a wedding on Friday was a more important story to cover. Really. 2 people in a carriage, better than 4 blokes in a van!

Next stop was Man City, who were brilliant. A signed photo for Alfie, a photo on the pitch and a bit of club gossip. Of course, we are sworn to secrecy, but yes Tevez is leaving. Whoops!

After that we sat in traffic window shopping for every type of food you could ever eat. They love a bit of fast food up here!

No odd sex characters today, but a man in a mac (not sure what was underneath) and someone struggling to stay on his feet mid afternoon were interesting sights.

As I finish this post we have left the North West and heading for the Midlands...

Still no beer has been drunk. Big catch up planned.

And sleeping in a Van is tricky. Big catch up planned again.

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Day 1

So after an early start and loading up the van, we were on our way. What started out as a pub chat 6 months ago, was now very much a reality. As we headed towards Watford everyone was in good form, and very excited about what the next 92 hours would hold. And so the first day, pretty much went like this. Watford, a few other local clubs and then off to a few clubs that were "out of the way" Gillingham, Southend and Norwich. Ipswich was good, having lived there for a couple of years, but the man dressed as gimp at 11.00am was a little worrying. After East Anglian we headed west and into the Midlands.

Next stop was Burton where we meet the star that is Dom Paczko (@dompaczko) He has always loved the idea and helped get us on the pitch and let the local paper know about our challenge. After a few photos and an accidental stroll on the pitch we were on our way again. Very quickly Derby and Nottingham was done before the start of the rush hour. And then on to Sheffield.

By now we were clocking up the miles, clubs and hours. A break was well over due. The pub and the 2nd half of the Madrid v Barcelona game was calling. A perfect stop with 2 sending offs, 2 Messi goals and Jose sent to sit on the naughty step.

As I write this now, we have passed what feels like the 145th KFC drive-thru we are heading into Yorkshire for the evening.

Drinks total is 1 red bull and 0 beers.

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Our route

For a complete list of grounds, our exact route and some ball park timings - click here

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And so the promotion starts...

This weekend we started sending out emails, press releases and tweets letting people know what we were doing. You can view the media coverage we have received so far in our new media page - click here

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So the big idea

In a nutshell the aim of our challenge is to drive to every football league ground in the UK. All 92 of them. Our second aim is to do it in under 92 hours. Our third aim is to raise as much money for my son's football club, Harvesters. It is as simple as that.

Harvesters is a Hertfordshire based club which provides football for over 400 boys and girls, including the Harvesters Inclusive disabilities section. It is a great local club, that would benefit from a bit of extra cash. You can view their site by click here

Within this site you will find out more about the team, the planned route we are going to take, the sponsors who are going to help make it a reality and of course a way in which you can donate. If you can help in anyway, please do. This is about giving money to grassroots football.

We leave Watford FC at 9.00am on the 27th April

And fingers crossed we will get to Brighton for their game against Huddersfield at 3pm on the 30th.

Any questions, then please feel free to contact me

Matt Bigg

07768 472 365

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