Day 3

So, someone got married and the roads were quiet. In a nutshell, that was the main theme of the day. However we travelled a fair bit of ground, which took us from the Midlands, to Oxford, to Cheltenham, to Wales, down to Plymouth and then back to Torquay. We decided that if we made up enough time, then we would aim to get to watch the Torquay v Chesterfield. Originally we had planned to get there at 8pm however we motored and made it to the game for 5pm. Tickets sorted away we go. I come back to the game later, but what else happened today.

Some very kind relations of Spanish Simon turned up at Reading with some pies, saw what looked like another riot at Bristol and stopped for a shower in Cardiff. Might not seem like a highlight, but trust me it was.

Still no beers touched, but might be getting into double figures for sleep hours now.

I beat Kris at Scrabble, easily.

Saw a man who quite clearly had toilet issues or had been to the mix grill restaurant.

We saw a man eat boast bars consistently for 45 mins. He had no teeth.

Now back to the Torquay game. They have a ticketing system that resembles a 2 year olds bedroom. A bloody shambles. However, let's not add a negative to this. We met deano, we got tickets. Still not sure if we even paid for them. The atmosphere was great, the biggest crowd of the season and both teams needed a win. 0-0 was the result. Of course it was.

Back on the road again.

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