Day 1

So after an early start and loading up the van, we were on our way. What started out as a pub chat 6 months ago, was now very much a reality. As we headed towards Watford everyone was in good form, and very excited about what the next 92 hours would hold. And so the first day, pretty much went like this. Watford, a few other local clubs and then off to a few clubs that were "out of the way" Gillingham, Southend and Norwich. Ipswich was good, having lived there for a couple of years, but the man dressed as gimp at 11.00am was a little worrying. After East Anglian we headed west and into the Midlands.

Next stop was Burton where we meet the star that is Dom Paczko (@dompaczko) He has always loved the idea and helped get us on the pitch and let the local paper know about our challenge. After a few photos and an accidental stroll on the pitch we were on our way again. Very quickly Derby and Nottingham was done before the start of the rush hour. And then on to Sheffield.

By now we were clocking up the miles, clubs and hours. A break was well over due. The pub and the 2nd half of the Madrid v Barcelona game was calling. A perfect stop with 2 sending offs, 2 Messi goals and Jose sent to sit on the naughty step.

As I write this now, we have passed what feels like the 145th KFC drive-thru we are heading into Yorkshire for the evening.

Drinks total is 1 red bull and 0 beers.

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  1. Alex says:

    Sounds good so far - are you on target?

  2. will says:

    Have followed you through the night - your night, my early evening. It is now 1am here (I'm 8 hours behind you), which means it is time for me to go to bed. Hope all continues to go well. I'll catch up later.

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