Day 2

As we left Yorkshire in the early hours to the sight of a drunk man stumbling along the street in a t-shirt. (It was 3 degrees) we headed north. Or to give it is full name, the north east. Hartlepool at dawn was followed by Sunderland and Newcastle. All great footballing towns and cities with some great stadiums. St James Park really is an amazing sight and it is on my list to return to watch a game here. Also, there seems to be a Greggs on every corner in Newcastle. As we left the north east we realised we had clocked 30 clubs so far. Not bad effort for the first 24 hours.

From the North East we head West and over to Cumbria. As the sun came up, this was the best hours' drive so far. Amazing road and views. People were grabbing sleep when they could and we kept going. We hit the seaside towns of Morecambe and Blackpool with a trip to the worse cafe in the world. Sorry Rita, but winning best cafe in Morecambe 2007 does not make your food good today!

And then the clubs came thick and fast. Burnley, Accrington (exactly) Blackburn and Rochdale.

Also at this came the sad news our afternoon radio appearance on Jack FM was cancelled. There excuse, was that a wedding on Friday was a more important story to cover. Really. 2 people in a carriage, better than 4 blokes in a van!

Next stop was Man City, who were brilliant. A signed photo for Alfie, a photo on the pitch and a bit of club gossip. Of course, we are sworn to secrecy, but yes Tevez is leaving. Whoops!

After that we sat in traffic window shopping for every type of food you could ever eat. They love a bit of fast food up here!

No odd sex characters today, but a man in a mac (not sure what was underneath) and someone struggling to stay on his feet mid afternoon were interesting sights.

As I finish this post we have left the North West and heading for the Midlands...

Still no beer has been drunk. Big catch up planned.

And sleeping in a Van is tricky. Big catch up planned again.

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